The BULLY KING App & Digital Issues are Now Available For All Devices (Iphone Users can purchase in the App store or in the iTunes store. Android Users can find Issues in Google Play. Now you can Download Issues Instantly! The App is FREE to Download AND comes with a FREE Issue!

***Please be patient over the next few weeks as we make updates and improvements.***

For our Customers & Current Subscribers: We certainly didn’t forget about you! Every one who is has ordered the magazine and Subscribed will be added with the email they used to order the magazine and will have Access to All Issues inside the App! Please be patient as we add everyone.

Right Now the App is fairly basic, you can go on and download current and past Issues for 2.99 or Subscribe for the year (Best Value) for only $16.99. Stick with us because we are currently adding a TON of New Features!

When it is all said and done this will be the 1st Fully Interactive App of it’s kind! What that means for our Customers is that while you’re reading one of our digital Issues inside the App, there will soon be HD Video, clickable links with more information, you’ll even be able to visit our Advertisers! That means if you see a product, Stud, Kennel or website that interests you.. You will even be able to shop.. While reading an article in one of the Issues in the App!
Mind blown yet? We’re not finished. For our Advertisers.. we are revolutionizing how Advertising is done. Want to Advertise your Breeding, Stud, Kennel or Product? 

We can Feature HD Video of your Stud, Kennel or Product.. Inside one of the Digital Issues. If our customers are interested, they can visit your site by clicking a link or from a video in the App. Better yet, we can revise and replace older ads months or years down the road with a new Ad or Video as your kennel or business grows!

Now when you Advertise with BULLY KING you will not only be printed in the magazine and on our social media outlets, but also inside our App & Digital Issues. Our Average weekly reach is 1.3 million, and that’s after only 5 Issues!  We’re just warming up!

Over the next 6 months we are looking to have our Issues translated into Spanish, Portuguese and other languages so that we can make BULLY KING Available to our friends that don’t speak English.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our Issues and learn more about our breed.

Stay Tuned! #BULLYKING


App Available in iTunes & Google Play

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