Heading into the 1st Issue we did a Poll on “Best Dax son” There were a ton of incredible offspring, even some we didn’t even know about.  In Issue #1 we covered the Top 15 Dax Sons. After we ran the article we had the honor of speaking with Ed Shepherd.. Although he wouldn’t give up his favorite Dax son, we went through the names chosen by our fans in the Top 15.

According to Ed, there were only some differences between our picks and who he would have chosen.  If we got close and a “nice job” from Mr. Shepherd Dax’s Owner, well hell that’s good enough for us.  Obviously, everyone has a different preference of dog, and your personal favorite might not even be on the list.. that just shows how great a producer Dax was.. Anyhow, here’s a preview of the dogs that received the most votes. This is simply and preview, the full list in order of dogs receiving the most votes in order is in Issue #1

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CH Lucky Luciano 
Louis V 
CH Magoo
GRCH G-Train 
KILL BILL Innovation Bullys (Spain)

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