Tired of Magazines “Advertising” Your Dogs/Kennel/Business with no return on your Investment?

The days of paying a couple grand to have your business or dogs Featured in a magazine that reaches 50-100 people are over.  

All of our ads include posts on all of our social media accounts. All paid magazine ads will be Featured in the #1 selling bully magazine in the world.  

But, unlike other magazines- who will gladly take your investment and slap your dog in a magazine or on a cover and call it a day.. We know that the real bang for your buck and the best way to reach your target audience (with a much, much higher reach) is through social media.  

So we do both, we will Feature your dog or business in our magazine but we also will share on all our social media outlets because we know this reaches hundreds of thousands more customers than just being in a magazine.  

Our reach and following is greater than any magazine out, and to top things off our team is comprised of marketing specialists.

Your Stud, Kennel or Business will be featured on our Facebook, Google +, In our blogs & websites including all our social media accounts and in Featured posts online. (Minimum reach 250,000 people, will provide proof of ad reach) 

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE.. If you’re not ADVERTISING YOUR PRODUCT you will get passed up by someone who does. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.


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We can set an up an individual plan based on your unique goals

Contact us today  

Bullykingmag@gmail.com or give us a call at 832-452-0898


      • Highlight Video- $1000-$2500 (Featured on Our YouTube, Google +, blog & website) HD, professional quality. We do all the editing and work for you.

      *25,000 views or your money back*

      Examples below:

      To Preserve the Integrity of Our Magazine, We will Only Advertise Dogs Which Meet Our Standards. We will not feature dogs with Health Issues, that were poorly bred, or Stud Ads for Unregistered dogs.

      We want to Improve this amazing breed and will only feature great examples of an American Bully. If your dog is rejected, you will be refunded same day. 

      -BULLY KING Magazine

      Sponsors Can Contact Us at: BullyKingMag@gmail.com 

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